Skull Pendants
Skull Pendants
Skull Pendants
Skull Pendants

Skull Pendants

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Need a little hint of rebellion for a plain outfit? Skull pendants may not be for everyone but they are a must for those that embody them. Send as a gift to the rebel-at-heart in your life or use it to spiff up your own look. Each one is made with raw concrete, sealed, and delivered with a gift box.

Chain length: 33"
Chain material: Aluminium
Pendant weight: 8g

*Surprise! This product is customizable. If you desire a longer or shorter length add a note at checkout.

Because all of our pieces are handmade and due to the nature of concrete, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has slight variances (i.e. bubbles and color) that add to its charm and character. In contact with skin, moisture and air, concrete becomes darker, shinier and harder over time.


Don’t worry, our jewelry won’t weigh you down. Wearing raw concrete is surprisingly a breeze, weighing in at 9x lighter than gold, 5x lighter than silver, and lighter than aluminum.


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