About us

Welcome to EM'SAY! 


Clean. Simple. Minimalist. Monochrome. Geometric.


Concrete and Pine


"I've always liked making things. I would be inspired by pieces I would find at boutiques and always knew that I had the ability to make something similar if I tried. So I did! I wasn’t formally trained, it came naturally, and online tutorials were really helpful. After a recent move I decided to design and create all the missing decor pieces myself, from pendant lights to shelves to tables. I eventually came to make stools designed by Ben Uyeda out of concrete and quickly realized I could make anything out of this underrated material. I started experimenting using different types of molds and perfected my craft by trial and error. That's when I started getting orders from friends and how EM'SAY was born." - Nadia M'Seffar


EM'SAY is based out of the Octopus Studios which provides low cost space for Artists, Artisans, and Crafts people. It's a 3000 sqft workspace in the heart of Strathcona's Japan Town in Vancouver, BC. There are typically around 20 resident artists working with various media.















EM'SAY would like to thank Sarb Glaze Photography for her generous collaboration on our jewelry line photos with model.