About us

Welcome to EM'SAY! 


Clean. Simple. Minimalist. Monochrome. Geometric.


Concrete. Wood: Pine, Hemlock, Oak and Maple.


"I've always liked making things. I would be inspired by pieces I would find at boutiques and always knew that I had the ability to make something similar if I tried. So I did! I wasn’t formally trained, it came naturally, and online tutorials were really helpful. After a recent move I decided to design and create all the missing decor pieces myself, from pendant lights to shelves to tables. I eventually came to make stools designed by Ben Uyeda out of concrete and quickly realized I could make anything out of this underrated material. I started experimenting using different types of molds and perfected my craft by trial and error. That's when I started getting orders from friends and how EM'SAY was born." - Nadia M'Seffar


EM'SAY is based out of the Octopus Studios which provides low cost space for Artists, Artisans, and Crafts people. It's a 3000 sqft workspace in the heart of Strathcona's Japan Town in Vancouver, BC. There are typically around 20 resident artists working with various media.