Concrete skull pendant necklace
Skull Pendants

Skull Pendants

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Handmade concrete skull pendants. The skull is made with raw concrete and sealed. Depending on your height, the pendant will fall below your chest and above your bellybutton.

Note: All of our pieces are handmade, therefore no two pieces are exactly alike.

  • Chain length: 35"
  • Chain material: Aluminium
  • Pendant weight: 8g

About concrete: Most of our customers are surprised when they pick up our concrete jewelry pieces. They expect them to be heavy. Think concrete is heavy? Think again. Concrete is 9 times lighter than gold, 5 times lighter than silver and is even lighter than aluminium. 

About the chain: Aluminium chains are anodized to increase corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness, and to coating (colouring), improved adhesion. It's not easy to tarnish or fade. Anodized Aluminum chains are totally lead free and nickel free.